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Mama, I see you. ALL of you. I know that you crave a life of freedom and impact.

One where you can buy the highest quality, organic foods for your family without feeling guilty about it.

One where you can go get that massage, or hey, maybe just a new, beautiful dress because you deserve to feel amazing.

One where money flows into your bank account without stress or worry, even when you’re taking a week (or two) off from working. Yay for a residual (sustainable) income! 

One where you can give generously to your family, your community, and your fellow mamas or friends in need. 

I’m here to help you create all of that and more.

Hi! I’m Cassandra Mitchell, wife, mom, yogi, coach, friend, teacher, world traveler, ocean lover, free spirit, and (just like YOU) so much more. 

My passion is helping other soulful women step up and make the impact they’re craving, with a business that supports both their freedom and their wellness, all while staying in perfect alignment with their highest values. 

I’m here to help you create more health, wealth & happiness.

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