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“We come together in waves, that is how the ocean loves.”

There was a time that I dreamt of the life I currently have. I dreamt of spending my mornings playing on the beach, traveling the world with people I love, setting my soul & spirit free. I dreamt of a harmonious life with balance between work, motherhood, and wellness.

Today, it’s not a dream. It’s REAL. I have a beautiful family that I’m utterly in love with. 

My husband is a professional athlete (10x Molokai to Oahu paddleboard champion and ranked as the #2 big wave surfer in the world).

My two daughters Nevaeh (2 years) and Malia (3 months) are the sweetest little girls. 

We live in a cozy beach cottage in Hawaii. 

And the cherry on top of it all is the work that I get to do with women all over the world. It’s this work that has allowed me the freedom to stay at home or travel with my family, invest in the healthiest foods and products for us, connect with incredible and inspirational women from all over the world, and impact 1000's of lives by sharing a product I LOVE - essential oils!  

In just 2 years, I’ve been able to build a business full of passion & purpose by working only 10 hours per week. That’s it! By the time my Malia was born, I was able to take a full 3 months off to be with her and still have a few extra thousand in cash coming in, every month, on automatic. No worries, no stress, just tons of sacred time with my precious new soul. 

Before I say more, take a deep breath, and redefine the word “WORK.” Because “WORK” sounds very uninspiring. Instead, I want you to imagine that those 10 hours of “work” per week were fun and involved things you LOVED, like teaching, helping others, meeting new & exciting people, and doing it from anywhere in the world, anytime.

My favorite places to work are Italy, the coast of Australia, and from my jungle retreat in Hawaii. I also love working in Mexico - especially after spending time in the native sweat lodge! Did I mention I get to hang with the most epic women from these places that have chosen to partner with me in this business? Because I do!

And guess what? You and your family are invited to join me in any of these locations, or wherever we go! 

You see, I truly believe that when you are doing work you love, spreading your light, sharing your knowledge & experience-- you attract abundance, live in joy, and make the positive impact you have always wanted to. 

Like any great story, this didn’t all just fall into place right away. Before my oils business, I had tried a handful of other ways of providing service to this world. As a health-conscious, soulful woman yourself, you might identify with some of my trial and error! My first foray into the wellness space was working at a health retreat in Australia, which I LOVED.

Inspired, I then traveled to India and trained to become a yoga teacher. Maybe you also love yoga, and possibly even teach it! As you may know, it’s so rewarding, but the problem is that it can also be a bit of a hustle to make a good income. My commitment to health, wellness, and travel then lead me to become a certified health coach! This work was also very fulfilling, but I found it extremely time-intensive and hard to maintain. One month you may have TONS of clients, and then the next month, none at all!

I knew I wanted to teach, lead, and help people create better health and a more spiritually-aligned life. But I also needed consistent cash flow for my efforts, and I couldn’t find the right fit as a business until I chose to join doTERRA.

In case you’ve never heard of doTERRA, it’s an awesome company that produces extremely pure, high-grade essential oils - and, from my own experience and research - their products, company culture, and values are the best in the world.

Let me tell you: having these oils has made every part of balancing life and the craziness of motherhood that much easier. I seriously can't imagine life without oils! OMG! 

In many ways, you become your own modern medicine woman when you educate yourself on the beauty and power of these essential oils. And, as someone who truly values connection to the Earth, I especially love that doTERRA sources their oils from indigenous plants all over the world to create the most potent and medicinal oils.

They say “Saltwater heals everything.” 

Well, for anything it doesn’t heal… there’s an oil for that. ;)

As far as the business goes, it simply feels GOOD to support others in creating a lifestyle of health, joy, and overall wellness with essential oils. I LOVE this work because it’s about MORE than essential oils -- it’s about connection, impact, wellness, and growth. It’s about challenging yourself while also being conscious and mindful of where you’re investing your time every day. It’s about creating the life of your dreams while genuinely helping others do the same. It’s about connecting with other like-minded souls to collaborate in business and being part of a thriving community where you are valued and appreciated for being YOU. What’s not to love about that?!

If you’re ready to make the impact you are CRAVING, I’d love to invite you to work with me in crafting your own unique doTERRA business that supports the lifestyle you truly desire. You can click here for more information, or sign up for my free masterclass right here.

Let’s create more health, happiness, and freedom together.

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