Enhance Your Natural Scent

Since I've become a mother, I swear my senses have increased tenfold! I hear everything, see everything and SMELL everything. This has proved to be both a good and a bad thing. On a plane, it's more of the latter. 

Last week my daughter and I went on a trip to California. I am always shocked at how close the seating is on airplanes, and I guess I'm paying even more attention to it now that I have a seven month old on my lap.  

Everyone has a natural scent which is enhanced by what they eat, how they cleanse their body, their genetics, their age, and the list goes on. 

Have you ever smelled a newborn baby? Your grandmother? A vibrant young woman? The "natural" aroma of a hippy? Some smell better than others. (Thank goodness for Essential Oils!) 

Here are three ways to enhance your scent naturally... 

1. Eat Clean:
Toxins are a major cause of body odor. Processed "junk" food, that is any food that is processed and refined which contains too much sugar, white flour, hydrogenated oils and other processing agents, rots in your intestines and emits a foul odor in your breath and through your sweat. Try adding herbs to your diet like peppermint, parsley and rosemary, which contain chlorophyll that balances out the smell of food and body odors seeping from your pores. 

2. Control Bacteria: 
One of the simplest ways to beat foul odor is to remove bacteria that causes odor from your skin. To do this, it's important that you bathe yourself regularly, and exfoliate gently but thoroughly. Try dry brushing! 

3. Essential Oils:
While antiperspirants block sweat glands, and deodorants simply neutralize the smell, essential oils of lavender, pine and peppermint work to fight bacteria, and they just so happen to smell divine while doing it. *Put a few drops on your dry brush, or luffa in the shower.

Lemon essential oil will work to change the pH level of your skin to make it more acidic, an environment that bacteria has a hard time surviving in. *Put a drop in your morning glass of water. 

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