The Real Secret to a Better Life "Balance"

Balance is a big, bold word we often view as the tool to our overall wellbeing. But often times, we put so much emphasis on it, that we forget how it actually factors into our lives.

When you think about it, you cannot give everything an equaled amount of tender, love and care at every single moment. Life is more of a juggling act as opposed to a balancing act. We pick our priorities and allow other parts of our lives to remain in the background until they need us, in which case, our priorities once again shift.

There are times, weeks, months and seasons when work will be a bigger priority than a day at the beach. There are days when family will come first and work will take a backseat. There are times when the health of your physical body will be prioritized over an extra hour of sleep in the morning.

"You can have it all, just not all at the same time," Betty Friedan once said.

Finding balance is not a clear approach to being healthy, happy and successful in life. You simple cannot be perfectly balanced in all aspects of your life at all times.

When looking at "balance," it's best to look at it in the big picture: every 6 months and every year. Thinking of balance in a daily, weekly sense doesn't really work because sometimes we need to commit to being unbalanced (or focused more on one aspect of our lives than another) for a period of time.  

Yes, this may cause you to feel unbalanced for awhile, but for the purpose of your longterm wellbeing, it's pertinent.

 For example, the last two weeks I really wanted to hit a new goal in my business. I traveled to California where I have a ton of family and friends that I love spending time with.

But this time, since my priority was my business, I worked really hard, brought my daughter with me to teach essential oil classes all over the state, and spent a lot less time with my family and friends than usual. It honestly felt SO busy, chaotic and challenging. I was all out of balance! But I was okay with it because it was for a period of time when my business was my priority. Next month, I may prioritize differently and tip the scale in a new direction causing an "imbalance" other aspects of my life. Being temporarily imbalanced is actually being "balanced".

Questions To Ask Yourself:

  • When you look back at the year, did you...
  • do work that fulfilled you?
  • accomplish goals you had set?
  • enjoy quality family time?
  • take care of yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually?

Even if some days seemed crazy and all out of whack, did you...feel balanced overall?

  • If not, how can you change your priorities to be more in alignment with this overall idea of balance?

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