OMG Network Marketing! 

Have you had one of “those” salespeople contact you?

Maybe it's an old friend you haven't talked to in years that reaches out to you out of the blue just to "say hi” - and of course sell you something.

My first experience of network marketing was not good and left a bittersweet taste in my mouth.

I had just finished my health coaching certification at Institute for Integrative Nutrition and I saw an ad for “Health Coaches”… I thought it was a wellness center looking for actual health coaches to help people with their wellness goals. I was excited!

Instead, I was seated in a large room with a lot of people, given a delicious (I can't believe this is HEALTHY) shake while they played loud dance music, got us all excited about this AMAZING product and I left spending $500 on a package of the delicious "healthy" shakes.

AND I wanted to sell it because everything they said sounded so fricking amazing! And it tasted SO good, everyone would want to buy it!

I was so BUZZED from the energy I didn't even think to look at the ingredients or quality of the product.

I received it within a few days, quickly looked at the ingredients and was sick! SUGAR< SUGAR< SHIT< SUGAR. That is why it tasted like a milkshake!
The ingredients were just as bad!

I called and returned all of it. NO thank you. I couldn't drink that, and I definitely couldn't sell anything that I wasn’t 100% in alignment with, Loved, & used & that I knew would help people!

I also didn't want to be one of “those” sleazy salespeople… that don't care about what they are selling or who they are trying to sell it to.

I didn't have another experience with NM until I found doterra, a brand I LOVE, USE & is in complete alignment with my ethics and integrity.

This I can confidently, from my heart, sell because I KNOW how life-changing having these oils can be.
My goal is to get oils into the hands of as many moms as possible!

I believe moms need these tools of self-care (& self love) more than anyone!

With the amount that we give to others we have to take a few moments love ourselves up as well! And what better way than to nourish your physical, emotional & spiritual essence with natures gifts... Essential oils xo

Now, I sell these EASILY & with grace. Knowing that these drops of natures goodness are a gift to anyone that is open to a better way of living.

doTERRA is a company I am honored to support, share, & celebrate!

Comment yes if you are into using nature to live a better life. 

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