Why the F* do I need 75+ different essential oils

Why the F* do I need 75+ different essential oils!?

That's what I thought when I was looking to buy my first essential oil kit. 

I knew I wanted to start my essential oil business, and I was first going to go with one of the smaller (more affordable kits).

I was hesitant to go all in. I thought, what if I can't make any money, what if I don't know enough… can I actually do this?

Then I thought… if I am going to do this, I am going ALL IN. I feel a YES in my heart and in my gut and I am going to follow that.

I am going to listen to my intuition that is nudging me towards this new path… and I want to step up to the next level of who I am and how I am showing up in the world.

So Yes, I bought the Every Oil kit (i put it on my credit card) which has more than 75 oils and I Fricking LOVE it! I knew the investment would be worth it!

Not only was investing in this large kit an opportunity to experience the vastness of what essential oils can do for my physical and emotional wellness…

It was also an investment in ME, my pursuits, my passion, my dreams of the lifestyle I wanted to create.

Because my investment was more, my commitment was also more. And since I have made that commitment from the beginning of my business… I continue to commit to ME through working this business.

This is one of the teachings I get to inspire women (especially moms)… That your dreams and your desires are worth pursuing now! You don't have to wait. The world needs you to say YES to YOU! You deserve it.

If you feel that nudge within you to make a difference, create something you are passionate about, something you can share with your family & friends, something that moves your soul… I invite you to pursue that!

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