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"Cassandra is a passionate and open-hearted mom-trepenour driven by powerful values and the burning desire to empower other women to show up for themselves 200%. I love the fresh energy that she emanates and her enthusiasm for what she does. She's a gifted woman and it's more than a pleasure to work by her side as she embodies confidence and purpose in her beautiful leadership."- Giselle Bridger (Italy) 


Yeah, you’re ready to make a serious positive movement in the world.

You’re ready to experience more ease, more joy, more cash flow… 

And you’re ready to do it all, on your schedule, from the most beautiful places on earth! 

It all begins with a choice to say YES to the lifestyle you want and to honor your desires.

When you decide to start your doTERRA business, you’re signing up to…

  • Create a steady cash flow stream that keeps on flowing even when you’re spending time with your kids, traveling to gorgeous locations, or taking some much-needed beach time with your girlfriends. 
  • Connect with tons of like-minded people who are also committed to a path of wellness, freedom, and conscious living. 
  • Build long-term relationships as you build your team, supporting and leading them as they grow into their version of success. This is truly a sisterhood! You will never feel alone in this business. 
  • Step into a truly powerful leadership role, and share your own unique story to change lives and teach others how to do the same.
  • Expand who you are & what you are here to do- in an authentic, courageous way...  because being a mama is just one (wonderful) piece of your whole purpose.

Starting a doTERRA business has been one of the best personal development experiences of my life. 

It’s encouraged so much growth for me on a mental, emotional, financial, and spiritual level. I am incredibly grateful for the JOY, ABUNDANCE, & PEOPLE it has brought into my life (including YOU) -- which is exactly why I’m thrilled to share all of that goodness with you and help YOU experience the same.

When you decide to work with me and join my community of inspiring doTERRA advocates, you’ll get EVERYTHING you need to start and succeed with your own essential oils business.

So, consider yourself officially invited to join my ESSENTIAL BUSINESS MENTORSHIP, a 30-day-program that will help you set up, launch, and expand your doTERRA business for long-term success.

This mentorship and my continued training is completely FREE and is my gift to you because I believe every woman should have the opportunity to feel nurtured and supported in the development of themselves (and their business). I’ll walk you step-by-step through the business building process. Through a series of 4 one-on-one calls, I’ll be by your side as you put your business “out there” and get started.


Here’s what we’ll cover in our 30-DAY MENTORSHIP:

  • VISION & STRATEGY: In our first week, we’ll get clear on your business vision, your WHY, and prepare you energetically, logistically, and emotionally to receive abundance. Then, we’ll tackle your action plan to start inviting that abundance in.
  • LEADING PROFITABLE WORKSHOPS: In the second week, we’ll get you ready to lead your very first workshop including step-by-step instructions to keep things simple and easy for both you and your people. :) 
  • THE ART OF THE FOLLOW-UP: In week 3, You’ll learn how to follow up and keep in touch with new potential doTERRA advocates! Yay for building an awesome community!
  • HABITS OF SUCCESSFUL LEADERS: In this final week of mentorship, we will go over what it takes to become a powerful leader, including success habits and other systems you can add to your schedule that will amplify both your and your team’s success.

PLUS, you’ll also get these BONUSES:

  • MY doTERRA BUSINESS BUILDING RESOURCES including trainings, how-to’s, & tutorials from my favorite leaders and experts, this is all you need to grow your business and lead with heart.

  • A PRIVATE INVITE TO “THE ESSENCE of YOU,” my ongoing monthly Zoom call devoted to supporting your expansion in both business and life. This call gives you an opportunity to connect deeply to your essence & other doTERRA sisters, trust in your process, discover your truth, be vulnerable, and courageously express yourself. During "The Essence of You" calls, we will hold space for each of us to express ourselves lovingly, honestly, and genuinely from our hearts with the intention of finding the lessons and breakthroughs in times of adversity. The purpose of these calls is to more deeply understand YOU, while holding yourself accountable to the fulfilment of your dreams. 


I’ll also go over some of my favorite topics, just for you, like…. 

ATTRACTING ABUNDANCE - I love this topic because it’s SO important. Setting yourself up with the mindset and energy where you are open and willing to receive what you desire allows it to show up for you! Let’s make sure you attract what you desire instead of getting in your own way. 

MONEY & SPIRITUALITY - I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the statement “but making money isn’t spiritual.” Well, I believe that earning a fair compensation for your energy, gifts, and purpose is actually the most beautiful and divine thing in the world! If you struggle with this belief that “making money isn’t spiritual,” we will shift that for you so you can earn more & GIVE MORE!

SOULFUL SELLING - Yes, you CAN be spiritual, soulful, heart-centered, caring and STILL sell authentically, successfully, and in a way that feels GOOD to you, without ever feeling sleazy - I’d love to teach you how! 

BALANCING BUSINESS & FAMILY AS A MOM - Because, let’s be honest, sometimes finding the time and energy to work on other things (including YOU or your business) can be tough. I know firsthand how simple it can be to make doTERRA work for your schedule, even if all you can manage is 5-10 hours per week. We’ll make it work!

BUILDING YOUR PERSONALITY & PASSION INTO YOUR doTERRA BUSINESS - After all, you have a message to share and a story to tell. You want to build those passions into your doTERRA business so it can be AUTHENTIC to you, & full of pleasure. Work really can be fun!

And tons and tons more…

"Since joining this Tribe, my world has expanded! I have overcome fears and doubts that were holding me back and I have noticed growth within myself and a strong drive to succeed and achieve what I deserve. I have made some amazing friends inside our Tribe and love the support and warmth they offer. You feel empowered to go out there and make it happen for you and for your family! What I love about this business is how you get to help people improve their lives. It makes me happy to show them that there is a better way, a healthier way." Laura (France) 

The truth is…  You don’t have to go through your own trial and error or start this business from scratch. Instead, you can follow the systems created by 6 and 7-figure leaders to design the business success you want.

Now, if you are getting a nudge from your heart and soul right now, but you’re wondering… what does this “work” actually look like? 

I’ll tell you... it’s lots of fun. You’ll be doing things like hosting private sessions or workshops where you can teach people how to use essential oils. This can look like 3 girlfriends in your house sipping tea and learning about the oils, or 10+ women at your local yoga studio. (This is where you get to be creative with your expression and teaching style!)

As you build your oil-loving community, you’ll also get to teach others how to do 1:1’s & workshops. (We become successful in this business by teaching others what we have learned). 

If you’re worried that you don’t know where to start, or what to do, or even enough about Essential Oils to teach a workshop, take a long, deep breath.

Because I’m here to walk you through all of it, step-by-step. All of the above trainings and our time together in our mentorship will help you move forward gradually, with clearly laid plans and instructions. I’ll even give you access to MY workshops so you can see exactly how EASY it will be to teach your own! 

Plus, one of the best things about this business is that you can move at your own pace -- it’s all customized to YOU. 

Or maybe you’re thinking… “I’m not sure Network Marketing is for ME…”

Network Marketing is the most natural business model in the WORLD. You get to recommend products you adore from a company you believe in and actually get compensated for it! What’s easier than that? Chances are, you’re already doing that -- you’re just not being paid for it! And look, if you don’t LOVE essential oils or doTERRA yet, or feel educated enough on the oils themselves, you can start by simply buying a starter kit and getting familiar first. I have tons of trainings and workshops that can help you with the oil education. The most important thing is that you start using the oils and sharing your experience. 

This all sounds great, but how much can I actually make?

Well, how much do you want to make? How many hours do you want to work? Because the truth is, like any business, the more you put in, the more you’ll get out of it! But, unlike most other businesses, you get to set your own hours, your own schedule, your own goals, and there is no office you need to “show up to” in order to get paid. 

Remember, this is not a “get rich quick” thing - it’s a legitimate business that you can customize to your own needs and desires. But since you asked about numbers, let me tell you in black and white! 

On average, part-time (5-10hrs/week) earners bring home about $2,000 monthly, and full-time (20+hrs/week) earners receive approximately $16,000 monthly, RESIDUAL! 

Which means, if you stop working, you still continue to get paid! 

Take a peek at doTERRA’s super generous commission structure here.

Looking at ranks and what you can expect, here’s a general guideline, so you know! 

Working full-time, it takes about 6 months to get to Elite, 13 months for Silver, 15 months for Gold, 23 months for Platinum, 25 months for Diamond, and 37 months for Blue & Presidential Diamond. That being said, we can craft a solid plan for you reach $1,000 in your first month working only about 6 hours per week. 

And now you’re like “okay, I’m IN… but WHAT is this going to COST me? If money grew on trees, I wouldn’t need to start a business at all…”

Great question! And you’re right because money doesn’t grow on trees, it grows in businesses -- but of course, it always takes a little seed money to get started. Starting your dōTERRA account costs a one-time fee of $35 to register BUT that fee is waived when you buy an Enrollment Kit! 

I recommend the Home Essentials Kit ($275) or the Natural Solutions Kit ($440) to get started with -- it will give you plenty of oils and products to try so you can start sharing about what you love right away!  

 Remember, abundance attracts abundance.  You can check out the kit options below (and of course ask ME if you’re confused about which one to purchase.)

USA Kits 
AUS/NZ Kits 
EU Kits 

Ready to join the Essential Business Mentorship?

"Becoming involved with Cassie & the essential oil business were easy decisions for me.  As qualified Aromatherapist for over 12 years I've used many oils but these were so clearly of a remarkable quality and effectiveness... combined with their business ethos and support structure, I felt integrity in my decision.  Since joining this Tribe, I’ve reconnected to me. There's a renewed sense of purpose. You are supported and mentored every step.  Cassie has a beautiful nature and energy - she walks her talk with grace, confidence, and humility. Her ability to inspire & lead her team is clear and I'm loving being a part it. I travel a lot, & have a 20 month old son... this business is allowing me to create a life of abundance - in health and finances & by sharing what I love.. from anywhere in the world."- Holly Mills Lynch (Australia)

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